Infrastructure Services Manager

Perfil requerido:
Puesto: Gerente de Operaciones
Lenguaje: N/A
Base de datos: N/A
Sistema Operativo: N/A
Aplicaciones: N/A
Hardware: N/A
Sexo: Indistinto

País: Argentina
Provincia: Capital Federal
Ciudad/Zona: Ciudad Autónomo de Buenos Aires

Vacantes: 2
Tipo: Full-time
Referencia: Serv Sol Manager

Otros datos:
Empresa: IBM Argentina S.A.
Publicado: 28 de Noviembre 2017
Finaliza en: 1 dias, 3 horas y 54 minutos

Descripción del empleo
This position related to the solution architecture of CISCO Solutions. The partnership with Cisco has been strategic for IBM Argentina and has led to several large deals with main customers of GTS that continually invite IBM to extend, refresh and renew their networking solutions with IBM services and CISCO products. In addition, GTS’s transformation depends on the extension of this networking relationships to other partners that want to be part of IBM’s ecosystem, such as Radware Solutions. In this case the architect is a key technical resource that can work customer requirements and map them to the correct partners, services and products.
Aptitudes y conocimientos deseados
at least 5 years of similar experience
Additional Information
Domestic Delivery


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