Sr. Technical Support c/Ingles

Perfil requerido:
Puesto: Soporte Técnico
Lenguaje: N/A
Base de datos: N/A
Sistema Operativo: N/A
Aplicaciones: N/A
Hardware: N/A
Sexo: Indistinto

País: Argentina
Provincia: Capital Federal
Ciudad/Zona: Ciudad Autónomo de Buenos Aires

Vacantes: 1
Tipo: Full-time
Referencia: it supp 66

Otros datos:
Empresa: AppDirect
Publicado: 12 de Octubre 2018
Finaliza en: 57 dias, 23 horas y 28 minutos

IT Support Argentina
AppDirect is rapidly expanding and looking to bring on a highly effective and diligent IT Specialist for our team in Buenos Aires. As a member of the team, you will manage and administrate all operating systems and their corresponding associated networks. You will be a key contributor to the network design and day-to-day management of our Headquarters infrastructure, tools, and services.

You are highly accountable, motivated, and passionate about reaching our organization’s operational performance and availability potential.

The global IT team provides support to employees all over the world. This role is based in Buenos Aires but will have regular contact with global employees and the rest of the team via Hangout, Slack, email, Jira tickets, etc.

What we look for:
Excellent English (English CV request template included below)
Managing/administrating Active Directory
Established reputation as a high integrity, top performer.
Experienced with Jira and Confluence
Solid understanding of Active Directory, Windows, Mac OSX, and SaaS apps
Experience managing Mac systems in a work environment is required as it is our popular platform
Experience with VoIP and Cisco Devices
Experience managing services and infrastructure from the cloud as we have very little hosted on-prem
Eagerness to tune, tweak and improve our corporate and desktop infrastructure
Experience with vendor relations, product evaluations, and doing due diligence
Desire to be part of a revolution in software on a team that Gets Things Done

Challenges they may encounter?
● Challenges associated with being remote from the team. Must have excellent
communication skills, be independent and take initiative.
Selling points (compelling reasons why a passive candidate should consider this
● Opportunity to have a high level of autonomy
● Lots of learning, troubleshooting, problem solving, growth (for someone early in their
Future career growth opportunities:
● Will have to be independent and so will have many opportunities for exposure to the
business, opportunities for learning and growth.
● This would suit someone junior to intermediate.
● Not suitable for someone looking for experience managing a team or senior in their
Experience/skills NEEDED/MUST HAVE:
● Excellent English (English CV request template included below)
● Managing/administrating Active Directory
● Experience with Mac/Windows
● Level 1 technical support, troubleshooting
● (Preferably not inbound call centre tech support)
● Wifi networks, VPN, maintenance of hardware, software updates, etc.

Talented, but humble – passionate about getting better every day
Start-up experience

Beneficios AppDirect. Te brindamos:
Cobertura médica prepaga de primer nivel (grupo familiar)
3 semanas de vacaciones
Clases de ingles
Bono anual
Desayuno todos los días y almuerzo los viernes.
Programas de capacitación y desarrollo (Bono anual para training)
Participación en proyectos desafiantes rodeado de un excelente clima laboral.

Se ofrecen muy buenas condiciones de contratación, clima laboral y posibilidades de desarrollo dentro de la compañía.

Lugar de trabajo: Belgrano CABA
Puesto Efectivo (Relación de Dependencia con la Empresa)

Si considerás que tu perfil está alineado a los requerimientos del puesto, no dejes de postularte a pablo.rovito@appdirect.com, con Ref: ITSupport1 indicando la remuneración pretendida.

Garantizamos absoluta reserva.

Muchas gracias!!


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