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Viernes, 02 de Julio de 2021 16:38

In this fourth article in our review of tech salaries across Latin America we focus on Argentina. The previous article on Colombia can be found here.

Hiring quality tech talent has never been easy and with the pandemic’s acceleration of global digital transformation, capturing the top tech workers has been made harder still.

But in Argentina, where booming digital natives like Mercado Libre or Nearshore mainstays like Globant hold sway, the country’s troubled economic outlook is pushing foreign companies that can pay USD to the head of the recruitment pack.

As inflation mounts, an increasingly large portion of Argentina’s tech talent is demanding payment in the greenback to help bridge widening gap between the country’s official and parallel peso values.

“Inflation is a constant problem here,” Juana Cervio, tech recruitment trainer and co-founder of HumanosReales at Buenos Aires-based tech recruitment and training company explained to Nearshore Americas recently. “Because of the inflation, many candidates are deciding not to work for Argentinian companies nor foreign companies that pay in pesos. They’re working as contractors and freelancers for other companies to earn three times the salary they’d earn in Argentinian pesos.”